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Are you trying to decide between an indoor wedding ceremony or reception and a wedding ceremony or reception held outdoors?

Regardless of which you choose, either can be turned into your dream wedding day with the right decoration, support, and atmosphere. The Links at Union Vale is a versatile venue, which can accommodate both wedding scenarios, but to make an informed decision – you need to know the pros and cons of each. Be careful about the season and weather when you’re making your wedding plans. Something as simple as checking the weather forecast can help you make the right decision, getting you that much closer to finding the perfect spot to celebrate your “I dos.”

To help you with your decision, we have compiled a pros and cons list that better lays out the choice between an indoor wedding and an outdoor wedding.

An Indoor Wedding

One of the most significant advantages of an indoor wedding at The Links at Union Vale is that there is no stress or worry over unpredictable weather. Rain is not an issue, and neither is snow and clouds, wind and blazing sun. Granted, the weather will play a small role in wedding photos and perhaps transportation, but the weather at an outdoor reception is such a huge worry—especially for brides. You also get plenty of décor options. There are little to no restrictions that would restrict you from decorating the venue just the way you want. You can have the hand-painted centerpieces you’ve always wanted. When you envision loads of other small and fragile details, an indoor wedding is sometimes the safest bet.

Space constraint will always be a factor for indoor venues. Depending on the size of your wedding, this may not be an issue, but you still need to consider the maximum capacity. You can make some arrangements by having a cocktail reception or a seated dinner, but there are limited options. Per fire codes and other safety restrictions, wedding parties must conform to the maximum number of guests allowed.

An Outdoor Wedding

An Outdoor wedding can turn into a magical experience if the weather and setting is just right. Imagine a perfect, clear, starry night or a beautiful sunset to be the beautiful backdrop of your outdoor wedding reception. Outdoors is genuinely where the majority of our most breathtaking weddings have taken place. You simply can’t recreate that kind of beauty indoors. You can go easy on the décor with an outdoor wedding. The need for table decorations, light installations, and other atmosphere-creating elements is not as great as you’ve got the pristine beauty of Nature. The natural beauty of the landscape and gardens surrounding The Links at Union Vale is more than enough to create that desired magical atmosphere.

Outdoor weddings are a bit pricier than indoor ones as they come with a few extra costs. If your outdoor location does not include a tented area, we recommend you rent a marquee for your reception to cover the tables and dance floor—both of which you might also have to rent separately.
Access to restrooms is another drawback of an outdoor wedding. Although the main building is nearby, there is still a slight walk from the party to The Links at Union Vale. Sometimes, outdoor weddings get frequented by unwanted guests from the surrounding wildlife. These little critters can turn into a real nuisance. Mosquitoes and bugs are the most common visitors, especially if the sitting arrangements are close to a water reservoir. But if you plan ahead and place repellent lights, you might be able to keep things under control. If you’re looking for more professional advice on what type of wedding arrangement to choose, the staff at The Links at Union Vale would be happy to offer their recommendations on how to make your day as special as can be.

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