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Every bride wants her special day to be memorable – not only for her and her husband-to-be, but for everyone attending as well. And what better way than to leave your personal touch throughout the presentation of the wedding? From the invitations to the table arrangements, flower compositions, venue decorations, music selection, menu and souvenirs for the guests – there are so many things to think about that can be fully customized to meet all tastes and wants.

Some couples decide to go with the ‘oldies but goodies’ like lots of flowers and lights throughout the venue they have hired alongside classic arrangements and elegant designs. And you can never go wrong with the classics. But if you’re looking for wedding décor ideas to create charm and romance differently, we have a few suggestions for you. At the Links at Union Vale, we have planned and helped put together hundreds of weddings – big and small, casual and elegant, classic and modern – and would love to help you find the style that fits your taste and vision for this important day.

Candy Buffet

A growing trend in modern weddings is a sweet buffet laid out in a central place so that guests can indulge their sweet tooth throughout the event. Seems fitting, doesn’t it? After all, what’s sweeter than love? A whimsical candy bar display with colorful options will be a real treat for everyone.

Personalized Souvenirs 

Everyone wants to share their feelings of happiness and love with the rest of the world. So what better way than small but significant keepsakes that let guests think fondly of your special day after it’s over? There are so many options to choose from – small pots with growing plants that display a personalized message on their leaves (adorable, right?), jars with honey or candy, elegant figurines and many more.

Light decorations

Turn all lighting in the venue into something truly special by bringing in extra sparkle to your wedding. Arrange candle displays on the tables for a more intimate setting or hang light curtains on the windows to create an ambiance straight out of a fairy tale.

Custom logo

Leave your mark literally on everything – from the guest book to the wedding invitations, table seating cards, thank you notes, cake, and decorations. This is a perfect choice for couples who are not afraid to be a bit different and do things outside of the ‘traditional.’ And it will give your wedding a lot of personality!

If you have more ideas and want to see them realized, our team at the Links at Union Vale would love to discuss all possibilities to put together the wedding of your dreams!

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