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Winter weddings have a certain fairy-tale charm to them. But what to get the happy couple for their special day that’s fitting for the occasion and the season? Today, we give you a few ideas to warm up the winter event with sparkling, snow-themed winter wedding favors. The newlyweds will adore the favors that add an extra special touch to their winter wonderland.

Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Winter is a time to cuddle around a lit fireplace with a warm cup of cider or hot chocolate. And what’s even better than the taste of the chocolate-ty treat is the way it looks when you decompose it into its ingredients and neatly stacked in beautiful jars as a delicious winter treat. A bonus can be a label with the date of the wedding and the couple’s names with warm seasonal greetings – surely, something that will bring a smile or two to their faces when they’re sipping hot chocolate and reminiscing about their wedding.

Hand-made goodies

Nothing says you care like a hand-made present. Even if you don’t know how to knit or sow – there are plenty of options, so don’t worry! Platforms like Etsy offer many hand-crafted blankets, mittens, scarves and other delightful winter paraphernalia. You can even have them personalized with patterns or messages you know will mean something to the couple for a truly snugly gift.

Pinecone Fire Starters

These are easy to make and very effective as well! By simply dipping a pinecone in beeswax, which helps get the flames rolling in the fireplace on a cold winter night. They look adorable and are very practical too. For a festive flare, you can add a colorful surprise with the right kind of salt (Epsom = white flame; table salt = yellow flame; salt substitute = violet flame).

Winter Warmth for Adults

A bit of brandy, small bottles of champagne or vodka infused with flavors of the season make for a very suitable gift for a bridal party. Opt for an assortment of mini bottles that the bride-to-be can enjoy with her groom later and personalize them with labels and glitter.

Snowy Treats

Show up to the bridal shower with a tray of home-baked gingerbread cookies shaped like brides and grooms or some other wedding-themed items. It doesn’t have to be gingerbread; there are plenty of other sweet treats to choose from – cake pops are popular DIY favors and you can winterize them by using white chocolate and rolling each ball in sugar crystals before the chocolate dries – they’ll look like mini snowballs!

Eco-friendly favors

If you want to give the bride something genuinely memorable that is also good for the environment – you’re in luck! You can opt for some eco-friendly favors shaped like snowflakes that the couple can sprinkle later. The seed-embedded snowflakes will then give birth to beautiful flowers. A small potted bean that sprouts and grows into a plant whose leaves carry a personalized message is another thoughtful gift idea.

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